PlayBound is place for play thoughts: on challenging play, play spaces, playwork, and how play manifests in all aspects of life.

About Alex


Alex Cote is a playworker. She is an advocate for children’s right to play. In her work, she helps create the places where children can play freely, and once in them, she makes sure they have the tools and materials they need to fulfill their play.

Alex was most recently the Lead Playworker at the Hands-on-Nature Anarchy Zone at Ithaca Children’s Garden and a playworker with Santa Clarita Valley Adventure Play. She is now the Lower School Playworker at Riverdale Country School in the Bronx, NY. Alex is available for playwork training, writing about play, and speaking engagements.

Alex found playwork through an initial interest in playground design, but she has since been completely captivated by playwork’s focus on the deeper issues of children’s rights. To this end, she is as likely to be found with her hands up at the pointy end of a stick wielded by a playing child as she is at the front of a room talking to grown-ups about how and why to embrace the very play that brought her to surrender in the dirt the day before. She loves it all.


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